user experience specialist

m: 617.913.7513
Bobsled: Research Lead
T-Mobile | 2012-2013

Bobsled is a free cross-platform VOIP communication application. Over the past several years I have worked on Bobsled as it has evolved from 1.0 to 1.5 and finally to 2.0. However, much of my involvement has been for version 2.0, which is not currently released. Version 2.0 showcases a complete feature and visual refresh, and when tested with consumers it scored high for interest in downloading (averaged a 6 on a 7 point scale).


  • Gathered input from representative users to inspire several rounds of design iterations.
  • Through iterative testing and design, reduced the number of Priority 1 usability issues by over 300% from August to December 2012.
  • 88% of usability issues for Bobsled 2.0 that were identified in August 2012 were either fixed by December 2012, or the feature was removed or changed.

  • Research Lead: Performed lab-based and survey research for 4 design iterations. Met with internal team and external partners on a regular basis to discuss design changes.