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Mobile Life Album: Interaction Design
T-Mobile | 2012

MobileLife Album is a cloud-based media storage service offered by T-Mobile. The service currently exists on the web and as an Android app.


  • Updated MobileLife Album application to include new features: Auto upload, automatic sign in, gallery view.
  • Redesigned the queue to emphasize current status and errors from the previous chronology-only focus.
  • Worked alongside developers through implementation to answer questions and provide solutions to issues as they arose.
  • The MobileLife Album app currently has 100,000+ downloads and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the Google Playstore.

  • Interaction Design and Information Architect: iterated through 13 versions on the Mobile Web client and 11 versions of the Android client. After working on V.1.0 of the Android client, I was brought in to work on V.2.0 as well as design for the mobile web-optimized version.