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Homepage Redesign: UX Analyst and Researcher
Starbucks | 2013-2014

The Starbucks homepage redesign consists of a CMS-based template system that works across 40 markets internationally and is fully responsive across device sizes. The primary purpose was to create a user-goal driven, personalized, focused homepage that conveys the Starbucks brand, while continuing to be fully responsive, mobile-first, and a high performing website.

This nearly year long project started with a user study to assess the current site and determine users’ goals. With that information a Sr. UX Analyst, Visual Designer, and I created a homepage strategy and vision. After many rounds of wireframe revision and refinement we completed a new homepage template that was released simultaneously across 40 markets.


  • The previous design was much less flexible; all markets, regardless of size were required to populate the same template. Primary content was locked into a video hero carousel. Users did not feel the content was organized in a logical flow and it did not reflect their primary goals.
  • The new design is flexible to accommodate markets with a lot of content and those with less. Markets can now decide how many messages they want to convey and can compose their own hero image and content stripes based on templates designed in the CMS.

  • UX Analysis and Design
    • Collaborated with the Sr. UX Designer and Visual Designer to develop the project vision, prioritizing users’ top needs based on research. Created annotated wireframes and designed content management system (CMS) templates.
    • Created wireframes and user flows in collaboration with the Sr. UX Designer.
    • Worked cross-functionally with front and back end development, visual design, and QA during each sprint.
  • User Researcher
    • Lead in-store usability testing and user interviews for the My Starbucks Rewards dashboard.
    • Performed "guerilla usability testing" on several interaction flows.